What our Customers are saying…

I felt compelled to write this letter about my experience with the Guardian Rod ATM Dehumidifier. We had an NCR SelfServ 38 freestanding drive-up [Interactive Teller] unit that was continually having issues. This unit would have bill jams during early morning hours or on rainy days. The ID scanner and monitor would also get fogged up with condensation. After we installed the Gaudian Rod, bill jams have reduced to the occasional bill jam and condensation on the monitor and ID scanners has not returned. The installation of this inexpensive accessory has saved us in service call fees and more importantly, cardholder frustrations.
I recommend the installation of the Guardian Rod for any external through the wall or freestanding ATM.

Vernon Clevenger

Executive Vice President, Central Sunbelt Federal Credit Union

So far, I am pleased with this product. It is doing its job. This is a much easier option than any of the “cans” that you throw in the oven occasionally. This just plugs in and you forget its even there. Easy to install and fits out of the way. For the money and the ease of use this is a great product that does what it is intended to do.

I bought this to help control the humidity in my ATM. It does exactly what it’s supposed to do. It uses heat to evaporate the moisture in the air. It doesn’t get too hot to touch and I set mine on the bottom of the ATM. I have a large investment in my ATM’s and this is just a little insurance against condensation, and corrosion. I’d buy it again.

I tried one and it worked great! Going to order for the rest of my machines.

Brian R.
Valley Isle ATM LLC

Excellent product. Keeps humidity down inside the ATM. Low energy consumption. Long lasting. Good product for the price. I bought a second one when I bought another ATM.

A large dessicant container in my ATM was not enough to prevent moisture. I had to re-activate it every couple of months. With the addition of the dri-rod I now get four to five months without the moisture indicators showing the need to re-activate. Worth every penny!

I bought the Guardian Rod after too many months of regularly switching out desiccant packs. Not only is this convenient but it effectively–and consistently–reduces the humidity by about 1/2 of what it is outside the ATM.

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