Frequently Asked Questions

about the Guardian Rod ATM Dehumidifier

How does the Guardian Rod eliminate dampness, mold, mildew, and corrosion?

The Guardian Rod gently warms the air inside the ATM. When placed on or near the bottom of the ATM, the warmed air, being lighter, filters its way up through the different compartments of the ATM. Because increasing air temperature lowers relative humidity (RH), the low RH zone that is created within the ATM will draw moisture out of the cash and away from interior surfaces of the machine, eliminating potential money jams, mold, or corrosion. The rising warm air will carry the moisture right out of the ATM via any opening nearer the top of the machine. As the warm moist air escapes from the top of the ATM, fresh air is drawn in the bottom, ready to be warmed and continue the dehumidifying process. As well as lowering the humidity, this constant flow of air created by the Guardian Rod ensures that air in the ATM does not become stagnant. By preventing stagnancy, the Guardian Rod prevents the growth of mold and mildew which grow quickly in moist, stagnant air.

Must the ATM vault area be made air-tight?

No. The Guardian Rod is designed to work in a confined space, not an air-tight space. You do not need to make your ATM areas completely air-tight. The many small gaps in an ATM that will allow for air circulation.

Is the Guardian Rod safe?

The Guardian Rod is completely safe. It is built using two layers of nonconductive insulation and is UL Listed. The right to affix a UL Listed label is something that is awarded to manufacturers after a thorough evaluation process by UL. It delivers a clear message to customers: this product is safe and certified.

The Guardian Rod dehumidifies using heat. Can it burn or scorch the cash?

No, being UL listed means that the Guardian Rod is safe from the risk of electrical shock or fire. It will not burn or scorch. It gently warms the air inside the ATM and will not damage cash. For maximum effectiveness, keep the area around the Dehumidifier clear so it can circulate the air; do not smother the rod with other items.

What does the Guardian Rod cost to operate?

Almost nothing. In the United States, the average cost of electricity is $0.12 per kilowatt hour. This means that the Guardian Rod will cost about $1.50 to operate for a full month.

How long will the Guardian Rod last?

The Guardian Rod comes with a Lifetime guarantee. If you ever have one fail, please contact us for a free replacement immediately.

Is the Guardian Rod difficult to install?

The Guardian Rod is very easy to install! It sits on small plastic feet on the floor of the ATM and has a ten-foot long power cord which allows you to reach any electrical outlet. Simply place the unit on the floor of the ATM in the vault area. Plug it in, and forget it!

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